Saturday, February 19, 2011

Imagine > Will

"When the will comes into conflict with the imagination, the imagination invariably carries the day"

That simply means, when your will (your rational, logical self) comes in conflict with your imagination (your creative, right-brained self) your imagination always wins.

Imagination is key

Think of this! A child is told there are no monsters under the bed, but when the lights go off, the childlike imagination runs wild. Now a easy way to control this is to appeal to the child's imagination than to logic e.g Dont worry, the monsters in our house aren't the kind that hurt kids. We only let in the kind that protect kids...

We adults are no different, and the fears we imagine are no less threatening. We have all been held back by the fear of rejection, this is without a doubt. Its human nature to seek acceptence by our peers. We want to be loved. We crave it. And we hate to look like fools.
   Often we end up imagining the worst. We see them turning us down, not approving or refusing to do business with us. We end up "mind reading", projecting thoughts into other people's minds. I'm sure we have all thought these things in certain situations "I'll bet she doesn't like me." "He thinks I'm not as successful as I appear"
Why dont you imagine the best? Picture yourself succeeding. See people accepting you, liking you, wanting your talents and ideas. Imagine them saying Yes!
   Do the opposite to what we as people have always done and insert positive thoughts into their minds.
"They need my idea" "I am the person, and answer they've been looking for"

Believe it or not, people do actually read your mind. What you "think" is projected through the airwaves to the person you're meeting with. They pick it up subliminally. So if they're going to be reading your mind anyway, make sure that what they read is worth reading.
    Imagine the best case scenario. Project the best possible outcome.

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

Another form of imagination which I have touched on a little in my "Everyone Manifests" blog is Visualisation or Directed imagination. It is the use of our imagination to implant particular images into our minds. Later, when we are in those situations we have imagined, we will tend to "act out" the images. The images could be those of a healthy body, or objects which we want to own, or sports (such as football of course) which we want to master, or psychological qualities that we wish to achieve.

This is a very effective way of transforming those restraining forces into driving forces, identifying those fears and doubts, eliminating them so they dont limit our potential as creators of our own destinies. Basically a form of training our brain, having a practice session in our thoughts and removing any negative impacts and doubts that enable us to peform to our potential rather than stepping into the "deep end" unprepared, scared of failure and unacceptance and restricting our movements as playmakers of our lives.

Believe me if you apply this to anything you truly want to achieve, then this will make sense. If you have no purpose, no direction and currently feeling like your standing still in life then begin to change, focus on a thought or a goal and work through it. Dont EVER, not chase your dreams...

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