Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The "A" and "R" word's

Accountability and Responsibility...

Regardless of whether your an aspiring athlete, or already running a business, to be sucessful in any outcome you must have accountability and responsibility. Those two words are the most critical for short-term and long-term success

Responsibilty can be, and often, is shared particularly in the working and living environments we are placed in our society today. Most responsibilty can be handed to a dynamic team rather than individually depending on the field of work or environment we are in. Obviously every person still has personal responsibilties which they must fullfill, which in most cases say for an athlete is training, self managment, rest & recovery. Things like this are personal responsibilities and can't be gained or maintained without personal effort on the individuals part.

Accountability, on the other hand, CANNOT be shared. We often hear the term "shared responsibilty", simply being that 2 people working on the same task is usually better than 1 person. But there is no such thing as "shared accountability". To define accountability would be to say its the ultimate "responsibility"

You can delegate responsibility, but you can’t delegate accountability to anyone.
If someone gives you a job to do, you can get someone else to do it, but you are still accountable to produce the results. If the job isn’t done right the only person to blame is you, because even though you’ve delegated the responsibility, you are still accountable.

Accountability is like being pregnant, either you are or your not.

If you accept a leadership role or any role for that matter in a professional environment then you are accountable, not half accountable, or fractionally accountable, if you willingly accept a role which includes accountabilty - then you are accountable

The reality of this world is we are always accountable to someone, the sooner we realise our responsibilities the quicker we move forward and up in the world, and leave those who are not behind...

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